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Update: Feuersalamander 2.5

FAQ - Frequently asked questions:

Why does it cost money?
Because it is a lot of work. But remember: only the one-click child safety features must be purchased (after a trial period) - all other functionality comes for free and as long as you like it. Still the price for the full featured version is not expensive compared to other products, and there is no subscription fee!

What's with the allowed sites and the direct link trusts?
The browser only surfs to allowed sites. But it's very tiring to allow each and every site that, for instance, linkopedia.com or kids.gov link to. Feuersalamander has a feature that allows to trust certain sites, which means that every link appearing on a trusted site can be automatically allowed, too. So if you trust a site like linkopedia.com, every single site that linkopedia.com links to is allowed to surf to.

I forgot the parent's password. What can I do?
All configuration files must be deleted -- but caution: this means losing all allowed sites and bookmarks, too. It is not possible to just reset the password. So if you're ready to do that, open a command line, and start the Feuersalamander with the option 'reseteverything' (without apostrophes). There will be no double question and no affirmation! On the next start the Feuersalamander acts like the first time and asks for the parent's password. A registration with a license file must also be repeated. (An expired trial version cannot be reset, of course...)

How does the child safety feature work?
The task bar including start button disappears, access to the desktop is denied, key combinations calling the start menu or other windows functions do not work anymore, calling the task manager will be prohibited. The Feuersalamander enters itself into the account autostart list: on log on, it will be started and sets itself into full screen mode. On finish (or if the time is up for that day), the Feuersalamander logs off the user or shuts down the PC. Parents can control the account the Feuersalamander has secured through entering their password; there is no need to reboot the PC for that.

Feuersalamander seems to gain control too late...
On an account with limited user rights Feuersalamander's possibilities are also limited. To work around that, start Feuersalamander just one single time with administrator rights. It registers itself then deep within the system to ensure higher security even on accounts with limited user rights.

...and the CD ROM autostart feature?
The Feuersalamander tries to prohibit the Windows autostart feature for removable media (CD ROMs, USB sticks etc.), but if the rights of the current account prevent the Feuersalamander from doing so, an administrator has to make a precaution: call the Feuersalamander from a command line with the option 'disableautorun' (without apostrophes). After that, autostart for all removable media is disabled for all accounts of the computer. To turn autostart back on use the option 'enableautorun'.

Can I get a list of allowed sites from somewhere?
You don't need one! The 'trust direct links' feature makes a list of allowed sites (and an accompanying subscription fee) unnecessary. But still: with the import/export features of both the allowed sites and the bookmarks you can exchange those with friends and relatives, or take them with you on holiday and make the computer on location safe for your child! (Remember, there is no installation required.)

Can I change the colors?
Yes. In the parent's configuration dialog you can choose between different color schemes. And if you think the black/yellow banner is too much for your eyes, simply put an image file 'back.jpg' next to Feuersalamander.exe.

Can I change the parent's password?

Some pages look different than in my other browser, or the Feuersalamander crashes. What's up?
I need to know more about that. Please send a detailed error description to feuersalamander@kaedinger.de.

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